Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby Achne or Oh No!

At about 2 weeks old we started to notice that Katriel was developing what appeared to be Baby Achne.
 She had bumps all over her face, but it seemed to get worse every day.
 We tried all the basic things to get rid of it but with no luck.

And she was VERY crabby most days. It was a complete shift from the quiet chill baby we had in the hospital.

 Most days the swing was the only place she was happy unless she was eating.
 But when she ate her acne seemed to kind of glow redder.
 She was pretty miserable. So at her one month appointment the Dr confirmed my personal nightmare. Katriel has a food allergy and possibly reflux. So now it was my job to try to figure out what was causing it. this meant eliminating one of the few foods I wasnt already avpiding due to my allergies.

I was hesitant to start after all Christmas cookie season was coming, but for the good of my baby I started. I started by eliminating eggs as they were the easiest to avoid. It took a week to completely clean it out of my system and let her face heal, but now she doesn't suffer from itchy face or upset tummy.

This picture is just a week and a half later, Danya went from "I wish I didn't pray for a baby" because she cried so much, to holding her until she fell asleep in her arms.

 These shots also include not only her clear face, but also her first ponytail adventure.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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