Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Danya is a Daisy!

Big things have been happening for Danya too. After looking around or a Girl Scout troop for Danya and learning there were none on this side of the island, one of my best friends and I decided to lead one for our girls. Julie and I took up the challenge and after a rather slow start we now have a troop of 9 girls.
 One of our first troop activities for building the friendships of the girls was to make our own banner. Using heat and bond I cut out 3 of every letter in the girls' names from different fabric so that they could choose how they wanted their names to look.
 Then they placed them how they wanted to and we pinned them down. then i was able to go to the ironing board later and attach them.
Here our girls after completing that process.
 The day of our big Investiture Ceremony, where the girls become official Girl Scouts, they hung up the banner.
 These were the little hair bows I made for a small gift from us, big thanks to my other Best Friend Brannon for her help making these the morning of the ceremony.
 The finished Banner.
 I had left over letters so I made little name covers that snap onto the chairs so they don't blow away, or fall off.
 While Aunt Julie talked to the parents we worked on a special Birthday card for her.
 Then it was time to begin.
 The girls marched in and took their seats.
 by random selection Julie and I both pinned our own daughters.
So now Danya is an official Girl Scout. She loves it and looks forward to every meeting with a great deal of anticipation.

For your information: Girl Scout Cookie sales begin on January 7th. We will gladly accept orders from anyone. The money raised by cookie sales goes to paying the girls' membership dues, and treating them to special outings and adventures. Please consider us when you thing of where you will buy your Girl Scout Cookies this year!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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