Sunday, August 26, 2012

34 weeks and counting....

With Danya in school full time, and me burried underneath a HUGE pile of costume orders you haven't heard from me much. So sorry about that. I am taking a little extra time to put my feet up tonight so I thought I would post something for you all to see. I am now 34 weeks pregnant, full term is 40 weeks for those of you who need a reminder, and in the past couple of weeks the baby belly has finally popped. The Hawaiian lady at Walmart, who I see alot right now, said that I carry in my back and have lost the curve in my back throughout this pregnancy, and since (like I said) she sees me a lot due to costume orders right now, I trust her judgement. Baby has clearly run out of room though and is finally giving me the baby belly I so desperately hoped for. I've finally had to switch out of most of my prepregnancy clothing, and I'm so grateful to my friends for giving me hand me downs. At this point buying new is pointless as I'll only use them for roughly 6 weeks or so.

A couple of facts:
1. In the profile photo where the belly looks the biggest I am pushing it out as much as I can.
2. Bending over to pick up things now means the sumo squat is needed.
3. I have extreme Cankles. "Cankles" refers to swelling in the ankles where you can't tell where your calves end and you ankles begin. Dr says I'm just "lucky"(insert sarcasm) and that I need to take the time to put my feet up. I'm doing everything else right. Wearing compression socks, drinking extra water, keeping salt intake low, changing possition often. There is just no help for them in my case. She figures it's that whole carrying all internally cutting off the fluid's trip back to my kidneys. So at night I sleep with my feet elevated, and get up to use the restroom roughly 4-8 times a night. Fun (again with the sarcasm)
4. Danya thinks the word Cankles is funny and will tell everyone I have them.
5. Danya has discovered a fun new game to play with her sister already. It's called launch the ball. Baby is apparently going to be very good at kung fu. Danya will put a ball on my belly and make a loud shout. Baby will jump and bump the ball off of my belly. It's not fool proof, and sometimes we have to wait a while to see it happen, but it usually does. Depending on the ball we've seen some pretty good launches. Can't get it on video, cause you sit there for a while some times waiting for it to happen, and the camera says, I'm done.
6. Food Cravings:
               Smore's bars (I'll post the recipe soon, Golden Grahams, Marshmellows, and Enjoy life Chocolate, Mmmmmmm)
               Chicken Patties (found some chicken patties I can eat at Costco, I'll be buying another big box before the disappear.)
                Barqs or Mug Root Beer, can't stand the acidity of Cola anymore. All that time avoiding sugar and it killed my soda preference.
                Taco Stuff, yep that didn't really change much.

I think that is it for now. Danya has another busy week at school and I'm busy with 38 costume orders. Financially awesome, but it's keeping me plenty busy. Danya's birthday is coming up so I'm sure I'll be sharing as we begin preparations for that, and next weekend 2 of my very best friends are throwing me a baby shower since they didn't get to the first time, so at least on the weekends you'll see something new.

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Little Lizard King said...

So freakin' excited for you. Um - you are hardly showing at 34 weeks. Can't wait to meet lil' miss!!! She will be one well loved little sister and baby girl.

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