Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And School Begins!

The first day of School here in Hawaii is an interesting thing for Kindergarteners. For one thing she didn't start on what was the first day of school for everyone else, she started on the second, and even that wasn't really school yet. That was the assesment day. On the Assesment day they went to school and were observed socially, emotionally, and then scholastically. She naturally was really good socially and emotionally. Scholastically we wouldn't know how the testing went for a few more days. Anyway, we decided to pack lunches from home most days and have school lunch days be a treat. Tupperware has these amazing sandwich takers and when paired with a juice box, and other snacky foods, makes up an amazing lunch.
 We stopped about a block away from our house and took a picture infront of an amazing plumeria tree. She gave her fake smile, and didn't look at the camera, but that's just cause she was mad at me for slowing her down. How dare I get in the way of getting to school.
 And we are off once again. She and Ryan had different evaluation days, but since I was watching him that day we all walked together. It was excellent practice since that's what we'll have to do once baby arrives. (we don't have enough car seat space for all 3 of them together).
 It's only about a 6 block walk so it's not too bad, and for the kids in the morning it's all down hill. I get to walk home up hill of course, and once we have to start walking home we may hear more complaining but for now it's working out really well. Below you can see her pile of school supplies. Surprisingly this is still missing a few items. Can't believe it? Neither could I! What you see here represents quite a bit of money. Plus we had to take those 2 rolls of paper towels and separate them out into stacks. Ahh the joys of back to school.
Now the next Monday was her real first day of school, so that would be August 6th! Here she is impatient but ready to be off to her first real day of Kindergarten with her teacher Mrs. Akagi.
 They were supposed to wear brown as that is the color of the day. I think she's pretty cute as a little preppy girl. Here she is with Dominick Ryan, her friend and the little boy I watch as we walk to school. Again with the Darn parents face as we try and snap a quick photo.
 Once we got onto school grounds the real smiles began to flow. She was soo excited for school.
 That's my smart looking girl! She had a really great first day of school and impressed the teacher with how helpful she was. She had school again today at which time she got to have school lunch. She thought this was amazingly fun and won't be too happy when she has to go back to home lunch on Friday, but have you seen the price of lunch lately????? Yikes. Anyway, she is having a great time and can't wait for next week when they get to have "real" homework.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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