Thursday, May 10, 2012

Angels Singing

I know I've shared this story with many of you but I think it's important to write it out for Danya to for sure know about when she gets older. Last year in November I think, we were at the Dr's office. Johns, and my new Dr is awesome, but she only has a walk in clinic, so you go and sit, and sometimes sit for a LONG time. When you are feeling pretty cruddy it's not much fun. On this day we'd been sitting a while, and Danya was getting board. I don't blame her I was too. It was about that time that a Mom walked in carrying an infant carrier seat. The only place available was right next to us. She had her baby covered by a blanket, and Danya was super curious. After telling her many times not to touch the baby took matters into her own hands or rather feet and kicked the blanket down. Instantly the Mom tensed, the baby smiled at Danya and I noticed that this adorable little girl had a pretty severe cleft lip and Palatte. Having seen them before I wasn't shocked but knew instantly what the Mom was thinking. Often little kids can be the most cruel in their innocence. (incase you don't know what cleft lip is this is a drawing of a minor case in comparison)

This is when things became instantly clear for all of us. Danya looked down at the little girl who by now was smiling at her and proclaimed "Awww Momma she's beautiful!" The Mom gave me a puzzled face, but I noticed tears in her eyes, as if someone finally saw her daughter as she did. "Look Momma She's singing with the Angels! Like this  AHHHHHHH, Hall- Lell- Luu - Yah!" By this point the Mom was in full on crying mode, and I was pretty close myself, out of amazement and so proud of my daughter for seeing what so many others cant. She's not hurt, she's singing. She really was a beautiful baby despite the malformation, but I'm sure not many looked past it.

Yesterday a friend posted a video on Facebook about a Mom who had some idea that things were wrong with her baby boy but choose to go through with having her son. He like this little girl has cleft lip and Palatte, an even more extreme case actually. I was reminded how precious this memory was for me and for the Mom who was on the recieving end of Danya's compassion.

This is a photo from our latest delivery at the hospital, she is bringing a special gift to a little girl who really needed a little encouragement. She still talks about her friend at the hospital who was soo sad.

Danya I love you to pieces, and I pray that this compassion will only grow through your whole life!

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Kjersten said...

I've told that story to several people since you told it to me. I'm so glad you wrote it down here.

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