Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter at in our lives is not just a one day adventure. It started with our first egg hunt with MOMS Club on the 31st of March. One of our members put together this super fun craft it's her handprint made into a flower.
 Then they decorated cookies...
 Yep, had to get the cheese face at least once.
 Then it was on to the egg hunt. The kids had soo much fun finding all the eggs inside all of our outside toys.
 We had an event that we were hosting at the hospital on Good Friday, in preparation we spent some time at Pricebusters, while there we found these grow animals, I thought they stopped making these in the 80's but they didn't. Danya had such a fun time watching them grow, and then she's still enjoying them every night in her bath.
 On Saturday was our community association's Easter egg hunt.  We were up and left the house early because someone was way too excited, so I decided to sneak in an impromtu photo shoot in her special Easter Dress. I made it from some of the amazing fabric I found on the mainland when I went in January. It is strawberrys and tea sets, soo cute.
 She loves to play on these rocks.
 So I used the rocks to help her to stand still.
 Ofcourse, there was some jumping off of the rocks too.
 I love the way she runs in this dress, so very fancy and dainty. (and would you look at how long those legs are! She's had another growth spurt recently.)
 This is called an apron knot dress, and ruffle pants. A super cute duo of patterns from Little Lizard King. I love her stuff.
 OF course it wouldn't be Danya without some bug searching.

 Then there was Easter morning. We haven't needed the Easter bunny, because Danya knows that boxes arrive from Nana and Gammi, so we just call it the grandma basket. Oh and Mommy added some things naturally.
 One of the local Walmarts is undergoing renovation so they are clearancing a whole bunch of stuff, and look what I found. Fancy Nancy! A perfect doll for sleeping with.
 Then Gammi sent her favorite toy of the morning. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends, little polly pockets style. Notice the gasp face.
 Then in the afternoon we had our own Easter Egg hunt. Just for Danya. She now has enough candy to last until next Easter.
Easter is a fun holiday, but not because of the eggs, fancy clothes, baskets, and other trappings, but because Danya is old enough to really understand things this year. She loves to use the Resurection Eggs teaching tool and tell us the story of Easter. She has also been telling us lots of different prayers she's said, and what God's answer has been. It's been a really fun to watch her as she grows in faith.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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