Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cousins for a Visit!

My cousin KJ has been living in Malasia for the past 2 years. On their way home to Washington State, they made a plan to come and visit the Big Island and see the Volcano. Well Sometimes that darn international date line can mess you up. Thankfully we live in Honolulu, which is where they flew into and out of. On our first oops day Danya and I drove Daddy to work and then waited for Kj and Oscar's plane. It took quite a while, first delayed then customs, so naturally Danya had to have some cheese time.  
Once they arrived and we gave them their leis, (KJ got a picture of this I didn't, oops) we Headed back to our house for some lunch and planning out the rest of our day. Oscar wasn't really sure what time of day it was and actually fell asleep for a nap. The 2 crazy grown ups thought for sure it wouldn't last long, so we packed up and headed up and over the mountain for a ride on the Pineapple Express, the train at the Dole Plantation. We got to feed crazy hungry koi, got suckered into a way too expensive photo (we'll share that later)
 From there it was on to the World Famous Matsumotos for some shave ice. Danya is a shave ice fanatic. It was an awesome oops day adventure. We came home and Kj had brought a special outfit for Danya from Hong Kong. We didn't think it would fit, but the next morning after tears the whole way back to our house from the airport to drop them off for their trip to big island, I decided to give the dress a try.
 As you can see it fit very well. Or at least it will for a little while. We had a long week of counting the days until Oscar and KJ came back. When they did we went on a bunch of other adventures including a trolley ride in Waikiki, and some local food with my Hanai family, and a day trip to the Bishop Museum to see the volcano exhibit.
 Couldn't pass up this photo op with the Hawaiian Nene sculpture.
Then there was the photos inside the Lava tube slide,

 and not being very safe at the observation point for the top of the volcano.
and the Hawaiian snail. All in all a fun day and the only day I got the camera out obviously. Oops.

Later we came home and Oscar played boats with the ropes and cars in the back yard, and played with Danya's trains, and even occasionally got to play with Danya. Where was she you ask?

She was Auntie Kj's helper and shadow. Kj was trying to reorganize and pack and Danya was right in the middle of everything "helping".

All too soon it was time for a few last minutes of play before we loaded up the car and took them back to the airport to fly home.

 But since the last time they were together they were 17 months and 12 months, we thought a photo together was in order. Oscar said he had to be on the bricks since he was older and "should" be taller.
 Not the most cooperative duo, but super cute. It was a great visit! Danya and I miss them both tons. Thanks for the fun and Memories.

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Kjersten said...

Finally catching up with my blog reading a bit after finally getting most of my house unpacked. But I still can't find that photo with us on the train! I think it's in my studio (the last room I need to unpack and organize) with a giant pile of paperwork that got gathered up when the movers came. Even though it will be months late, I'll send it when I find it. We had so much fun with you guys!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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