Thursday, March 8, 2012

The story of the shoes...

Some of you have noticed a new header on our blog. It looks something like this:
Well, here is the story of the shoes.
Obviously living in Hawaii we wear Crocs quite a bit, they are comfortable and really why wouldn't you? Quite a while ago a friend of mine gave me this teeny pair of crocs because she knew we were hopeing to have another baby. Yep we were. You may remember last year me telling you that we had been trying for 2 years and the Dr. put me on that darn drastic diet-- um --lifestyle change. Every month for the past year, especially the months we were paying for monitoring and meds to help things along, we were full of hope that this was our month. Month after Month it wasn't. As I looked toward the new year this year, I really started evaluating what I was doing. I had stopped really enjoying Danya's 4's because I was soo hopeing to make her a big sister by now, and it was frustrating me. SO I made a decision, that I was done stressing about all of it. If it happened great if not oh well I was going to enjoy my family as it was. I started making major plans to expand my sewing business so that when Danya started school in the fall I would have enough to do to justify staying home. Then I started doing some research and really hopeing for a job working with the March of Dimes and the NICU families.  I thought I had plans for the year all figured out. Well one day in January Danya and I had some friends over, one of the Mom's had a 9 month old little one. Danya asked if she could have a baby at our house always. I told her the same thing I'd been telling her for months. "You have to pray and ask Jesus." so she instantly went to the back door (not sure why she goes to the back door to pray, but she always goes to a door just like when she yelled for Santa in this post) and she prayed a very sweet prayer asking Jesus to send a baby for us. When she was done praying, she turned around with a super huge grin on her face and said "Jesus said Yes!" and she started jumping up and down. To my credit I didn't laugh, but I did try and temper her expectations a little bit, reminding her that sometimes it takes times for these things to happen. About a week later I was waiting for the inevitable. Four days later when I couldn't stand it any longer I tested, and low and behold a positive test result. Shock. Yep I did a super Shock and didn't really do much. I wasn't as excited as I thought I should be, afterall I had just made all kinds of super exciting plans. Even though I was only 7 weeks at the time I was soo happy to be able to tell my sisters in person. Three days before I left for the mainland I had an ultrasound.

Doesn't look like much huh? Well, this little blob on the screen has a good heart strong heart beat, survived the stress of travel just fine, and is well on his/her way to helping Momma destroy her weight loss.  I'm actually doing really well. The only time I get sick is if I don't eat often enough, and then it's just passing nausea. This little one insists that I am in bed no later than 10 putting a serious cramp in the sewing until midnight routine. Infact some days I've even fallen asleep before Danya, thanks to an amazing husband who puts her to bed when that happens. SO just for the record:
Baby Valera should make his/ her appearance on or around October 3, 2012
(Yes that is right in the middle of my busiest sewing season, sooo if you need a costume think fast and order early ;) cause I'll be taking a well deserved break to snuggle.
And if you are wondering what Miss Danya thinks of all of this... She is over the moon. When we told her I reminded her that she was in my tummy before she was born. Then I asked what happened then. Her answer : " I fell out" once I got done laughing, we talked a little about how it is going to be a long wait for baby to grow bigger. Every day she wakes up and makes me open my mouth so she can see if he's getting bigger and say hi to the baby. Daddy showed her tonight that baby can hear better if you talk to Momma's tummy, so I'm sure she'll be telling my stomach all sorts of stories in the coming days.  She's more than willing to tell just about anyone that there is a baby in my tummy, and it's gonna come out after her birthday party.

So now you know.


Connie said...

And, in knowing, we can pray for all to go well with you, the wee one, daddy and big sister! Congratulations to all.

Heather said...

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Kelli B said...

Congratulations on the new addition!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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