Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis off season

Like I said in the previous post after Halloween my sales took a nose dive. Some of my awesome local friends have bought things, but for the most part things are just not selling. There are soo many ladies out there selling cute dresses and I think that is the problem. So I'm starting to focus what I sell online to what is unique to me. I made up this pattern for Danya's Strawberry Shortcake costume for her Birthday party and a sold several of them at Halloween, and the ladies who got them were all so wowed by the outfit I thought about making it in the off season too. One of my Halloween customers returned and asked if I could make her a custom dress for a photo shoot she was doing. Well hearing she was a photographer with a willing model, something Danya is not right now except on her terms, I asked if I could send her a dress of my own design so that I could get some good shots of it. She agreed and almost instantly upon recieving the box went out and shot these shots.

And also of the little red riding hood dress that was her custom order.
This type of shot is hopefully going to bring my shop up to the next level and increase my sales. The other thing I decided to do was focus more time on my Everyday Princess collection. These are princess dresses that are made from cotton, mostly upcycled bed sheets, and so they are durable, won't snag like costumes do and look much better. They can also be worn out and about without as many of the funky looks, and are great in hot weather climates like Hawaii.

Like I said Danya is mostly cooperative on her own terms which for Aurora had to be at Target in a Wolverine mask.
Plus I added doll versions of them.
And ofcourse there are doll versions of the other dresses too, but that isn't really helping the sales of the cute everyday dresses. Oh well. Here's a sampling of the dresses and such, just incase you are curious.

Enough of the family life break, just thought I would share what is going on in my shop right now. Thanks for looking.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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