Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy Week in La La Land

School started this week around here. That means that Ryan's big sister had to go back to school so we are now watching him 4 days a week. It hasnt' been too crazy but everyonce in a while he'll stop talking to me and answering me and it gets a little frustrating. One day I decided to take them both to Costco for groceries and cheep lunch. LISTEN UP COSTCO moms of the world think that 10 am is waaaay to late to open such a big store. By the time you get inside it's nearly lunch and nap time. This is just not fair. Hands up of Mommas who think they should have one day a week that they open only to people with small kids along at like 8 am! No body is crabby and shopping is much more enjoyable.
exhibit #1 notice the extreme crabby, and just for the record they wanted to sit there together. It got ugly right after this as there was some pushing and other such nonsense.

On days when we don't have Ryan I like to do special things with Danya not only to keep her mind off the fact that he's next door playing instead of at her house, but also just to really enjoy that one on one time. Lola bought her a snorkle mask a few weeks ago and after several frustrating trips in the pool she is now the expert Slug finder.
 Slugs are not very smart creatures and they just sense water and end up drowning in the clorine of the pool. Once that happens they sink. There are not many things more nasty than stepping on a slug that has been at the bottom of the pool for a couple of days.
 Danya LOVES to dress up lately. One of her favorites is to run around in the child size hoop skirt. Like mother like daughter.
 Danya has a knack for making it work when obviously most people would give up on trying to get the hoopskirt into this little car, but when determination is on your side you can do anything.

For those of you who haven't clicked over to my other blog based on the series Project Runway you really should. Become a follower of that too! I am taking the whole series, or trying to anyway and make the challenges plus sized. So here is the first challenge, to take your pj's and make an outfit out of it.
 I LOVE what I was able to come up with and I was excited for the next challenge. The next one is not as cute or fun, but if you click you'll see it.

 I am also getting ready to sell things at a craft fair this weekend. I used 2 twin sized bed sheets and made up this simple Rapunzel outfit for Danya. I have enough to make a second one to sell. It's great because it's just cotton you can let them play.
Rapunzel headed out of the tower to have some fun!

Rapunzel in her tower. This weekend should be interesting, but fun.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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