Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday WIsh List aka. Cooling off in the afternoon

Danya and I have always been known to head off to Walmart or Target in the afternoon to cool off. Free air conditioning, okay so it doesn't always end up being free because there is always something to pick up but the AC is free anyway. SO we head over to one of the stores and look around at all the fun things. Since Christmas my mantra has been "if you want it that badly add it to your birthday list" so she has come up with quite a few things to add to her birthday list. On a couple of our afternoon adventures lately we took photos of some of her wish list items.

The Lego City collection -- It's another Police vehicle but a small one.

 A Princess Basket for her bike. Okay so any basket will do this one just came with a bell and streamers making it the most fun.
 Danya LOVES her Tag reading system. She wants some more books, they are expensive but they are worth it for how much she learns from them. Tag books use a pen looking item to read the pages and do some activites. Of the books we saw, she'd like Beauty and the Beast, Cars, Tinkerbell, Rupunzel or Tangled, and Toy Story.

Side note here, she would also really like all 3 Toy Story Movies. She saw Toy Story 3 at a friends house last weekend and is still talking about it.
 I would be a bad mom if I left these off the list as she really wants them. I just threw away all the ones she had though because the plastic clothing disinigrates in the Hawaiian heat and it becomes a big and annoying mess as it breaks apart. However Danya loves this one because the prince has a cape, so if you can find Snow White's Prince with a cape in a Barbie style I'd like that better.
Speaking of Barbies! Still one of her favorite toys. We couldn't find it to take a photo of it but they have a Skipper that comes with a set of bunk beds, skipper is the brunette pictured here only with the bunk beds I think she's blond, anyway Danya wants that too. but otherwise the only thing in these photos she already has is the bathtub set. She doesn't so much need dolls although she'll be happy as a clam to get them, she loves the furniture and rearainging the house.  Although Skipper Dolly has been talked about for months as the one doll she NEEDS.
 Lego CARS stuff is always a hit. NOT the Duplos though only the standard Legos.
And she is her Mother's Daughter, she really wants her own tools. This tool box from KMart had a little bit of everything inside and it had a rolling case. It took a little convincing to get it back on the shelf.
If it's for her Baby Dolls or her Barbies, she's happy. That is the safest way to buy.
We also have an online wish list that I've been trying to put together click here to go to the wish list.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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