Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old Videos

So I just figured out how to get my videos off of my phone with sound so if you have a little while to devote to cuteness, here are some awesome videos just for fun.  For those of you who are signed up to actually get this sent to your email, I believe you will have to actually visit the blog site to see the videos. It was fun tonight looking back through these, I hope you enjoy them too.
This one is from 3 days post surgery asking her Auntie Mick Mick for some more die cut castles.
One of her good friends gave her a stuffed cinderella doll to help her feel better post surgery. Here she is giving Cinderella Piano lessons.
The amazing fashion stylings of Fancy Danya and her mad dancing skills.
And more of the same.
Piano Playing Singing sensation, who by the way is not a fan of Paparazzi
Palm Sunday Song, yes her room is a mess in this video. We were putting thing on the ground like the people in Jerusalem did. It got kind of messy.
A couple more days of practice and she got pretty good at this song.

and another Go Fish Dancing and singing video

And finally today's Hula adventure...
We were having lunch at Lola's house and it was time to go home for nap, but Danya heard her friends practicing Hula and had to go investigate. At first she just stayed on the outside sneaking peaks and pretending to Dance...
Slowly she got a little more brave and tried to figure out what they were doing.
Then little Maylene came out and they both officially joined in the back row. I ended up learning some basics too as I was trying to help the little ones.
For now that knowledge is gonna let me get her a shaky foundation, but a foundation none the less for the time when she is ready to really start to get into it. Uncle Johnathan is not starting any toddler classes right now, so we've gotta find another Halau.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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