Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mixed Plate

We've had the little camera die on us this week. Not so great, but in it's absence I've really enjoyed shooting with the big camera again, especially where my store is concerned. It really seems to bring out the definition more. SO Danya has not been a very willing model for like the past few months. She's gotten quite sassy and finds herself in timeout for sassing Momma quite a bit lately. So the other day when she was completely adorable and modeled the Abby Cadabby costume for me I was shocked, but also delighted in capturing such a great shot.

Thanks to a friend of mine, I now have some "new" clothes that fit. I was feeling extra cute the other day and did my makeup and decided to try and capture a photo of my new face. Tada.

looks the same as the old face, huh? Only notice the lack of double chin. Someone want to come up with a proceedure to shrink my nose ball though. Oh well, I thought I was pretty cute.

So on Saturday there were many Garage sale signs out and about. One was only a block away and so Danya and I walked there. At first we just picked up a couple of movies, but there was a rack there that I thought might come in handy for craft fairs. Since we walked I went home to think it over. Right at close up time I ran back, and they were practically handing me things. For a $10 bill I walked away with 12 plastic kid plates, 1 brand new ceramic butter dish (which happens to match my formal china perfectly) and this:

It's called the Cranium Mega Fort Builder Kit.  The pieces are like the swimming fun noodles, only they magnetically snap into the connectors and some are bendable, some are solid, and some are flexable.  First we made a boat.

 Then Danya told me where to put stuff and we made this fort a la Danya.
 And today we made a helicopter.
for about $80 and I got it for about $6. It's soo awesome I thought about looking for more pieces, um, now that I've looked I'll just keep my eyes peeled at garage sales. It's totally Awesome!

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Kelli B said...

You look gorgeous! Congratulations on the weight loss and Danya is adorable as usual. Take care and God Bless. Miss seeing you guys monthly.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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