Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trying new things

Okay so it's not too new to see me sewing, infact many of my readers recieved home made gifts for their Christmas gifts. My sister Margaret passed on a pattern to me that she bartered with a woman online to recieve so that I could make a little blouse for our cousin's 2 girls. It was adorable and inspired me. Once I got the first one done I realized there was just enough left over fabric to make one for Danya's american girl style doll. So I worked up a simple sized pattern for the doll and emailed it off to the original pattern designer. She was so excited and originally asked me to make some more, but as she realized it once the first one was done the rest of her patterns just kind of fit together. She spent a weekend turning out patterns at the speed of light. 
This is Danya and her doll's shirt that I made them for this Christmas. She loves it and wears it quite a bit. The patterns by this woman are simple yet so adorable and girly. They are also very Fancy Nancy esk so as you can deduce miss Danya just loves them, and must try on every one I make.
For the new year I plan to amp up my etsy store and add many more things. These are just some of the things that will be added. Danya is getting to be a better model and more cooperative than she used to be. Infact just this week Little Lizard King, the creator of the pattern, needed people to test a new pattern before she sells it, so I volunteered. She also asked me to size it down for dolls. So here is the final product, a little 4th of July flare with Christmas stockings in the background. This one is a little big for Danya, thus the testing I think it's a size 6-7. But still super cute on Danya at a size 5.

So keep your eyes peeled because soon I will be unveiling a new look and tons of new inventory for my shop. Also you should check out my sister and cousins' shops as well as Little Lizard King, if you see a pattern you want me to make please let me know.

Shop Links:
Jen's Shop (looks like she's sold out right now but check back again)
My shop (Unveiling will happen later in the week so I'll post the link then)

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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