Sunday, December 26, 2010


Uncle Inflatable once again put up all of his decorations for Christmas.

It's always an amazing display of lights and inflatable decorations.

Danya loves to walk down the block looking at all the lights, we walked down there just about every evening last week. Then came Christmas. It was a busy week with John's Mom in town. We had a good open house on Friday night. Our fridge is still full of all the left overs.

Danya had a ton of gifts. She loved everything and then some. It was a wonderful collection of gifts. There was one gift though that got the biggest reaction. The kind of reaction that you only see in movies or commercials. She opened the bag and took out what she thought was just clothing. Then when I held it up so that she could see it she screached and jumped up and down.

It was a homemade Snow White costume.

Instantly she had to have it on. She wore it the rest of the day including nap.

Tonight before we drove Nana and Papa Valera to the airport we took some better posed and not so posed photos of Danya in her Snow White dress.

 At the dwarfs' house.
 I'm wishing...
So grown up. This year we figured it out we had a 95% homemade Christmas. I sewed most of our gifts. It was a very busy, and a bit stressful, but very fulfilling. It seems like everyone has liked their gifts so it must have been a success.

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Beautiful pictures! She is so pretty and looks so happy! A Blessed New Year to you and yours! Kerri

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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