Monday, May 10, 2010

Of Diapers, Doo doo, and a delivery man

Happpy Mother's day to all the moms who read my blog! Today we had about 20 min that I could have lived without, but then what funny stories would I have to share that are lighthearted and a Mommy moment, that we all "enjoy". It wasn't so funny at the time, but now I can laugh at the shear unrealness of it all. Warning, this might seem a bit like an overshare, so that's your warning. If we can't laugh at the realities of Motherhood we WILL go crazy. So anyway, John was making a run to the store today, when Danya came to me and said she needed to make doo doo. Great let's go! So we went into the big toilet and sat there for 15 min. Toot, toot, toot, but nothing. Finally, she just gets down and asks for a "cinderella underwears" otherwise known as a pull-up. Danya can keep her underwear dry all day but she just can't seem to take care of business sitting down, so all right a pull up goes on her. She immediately heads into a corner between two of our living room chairs and I head to the kitchen to make lunch. Easy Mac, 3.5 min in the microwave. As I take the bowl out of the microwave and start to stir in the cheese, I hear Danya coming up behind me. I turn and she says "doo doo mess on finners" and promply wipes her hands down my white shirt and shorts. Cue doorbell. Ding dong, "uh Oh doo doos Momma", " I know hunny don't touch anything" run to the door as fast as I can hoping it's just one of my neighbors who will understand. No such luck, it's a delivery man with flowers. My first thought is grab the flowers shut the door and grab Danya to clean her up before she can touch anything else. She's now behind the door waiting. The delivery man asks my name I respond, phwup, " you need to sign anywhere on this paper", Phwup, "okay" Phwup, heheheheheheh, phwup, I sign as fast as I can and close the door, turn and notice that the noise I was hearing was my daughter bouncing her little butt against my entryway wall. Oh great! "where is your cinderella unders?!?", "inna room, all done", "go to the bathroom!" so into the bathroom we go, clean up her, check, clean up me, check, clean up dirty diaper so that things don't repeat, check, clean up wall, check! Finally set her down to eat her lunch. Trust me when I say that durring those cleaning up moments there was quite a lecture being given. She might not remember any of it, but I really am hopeing never to repeat THAT preluch routine.

On another note, once I got a chance to really look at the flowers, they are very pretty, Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Kjersten said...

So funny! Thanks Laura.

Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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