Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Construction going on! UPDATED

Quite a while back now Grandpa V built us a storage unit in our garage. There was left over  wood from the project and I've been dieing to make something. But we don't have any saws. Well we do now. It's not the traditional Mother's Day gift, but my husband knew it was what I wanted so he bought me a jig saw.  The construction has begun on a doll house for Danya's Barbies and snap-n-style dolls. It will be kept on our back lanai (patio) which is covered so it will be painted and sealed as soon as it is completed.
I've been learning a little bit more and more about how to best make the cuts and then how to sand it perfectly. It's been a lot of fun and a lot of crammed work times while Danya takes her nap and then clean-up as soon as I hear her door rattle. I didn't take any photos after todays work session but the 3 outside walls are up. The inspiration for this doll house comes from one my uncle made for my cousin. It was always the highlight of getting to be a big girl and stay in Jenni's room. When next I have some extra cash I have to go to the hobby store to pick up hinges and door handles for the doors.  I've learned that Dad's saying of measure twice cut once is a lot more effective and easier to do. We've had a couple random oops' which as of yet have not ruined anything but have sure frustrated me for a few moments.
Here's the big reason I am letting you all know about this project way before it is done. Danya's birthday is in a few months and I would love to have everyone make or build something to really make this doll house a family keepsake as well as a functional toy. The rooms are 20 inches deep and vary in width from 20 inches to the big living room or great room at about 37 (I can't remember exactly.). When it's compleated it will have 3 bedrooms or if someone gets really creative and makes a bathroom one of those will be a bathroom, a kitchen, a livingroom and an attic.  Some of you are amazing wood workers and can dream up new ways to make the perfect little kitchen appliances, while others of you can sew, crochet, or create mini paintings for the walls. The best part is it can cost you next to nothing, but it will mean a lot of hours of fun imagination for one very happy little girl. I'm gonna be brave and let her help me paint it with the primer when it is all done just to seal it.  She could tell what it was today and is so excited to play with it, I can't imagine what she will feel when she sees furniture and stuff in the rooms.  If you have questions please call or email me. I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

And just because it's cute and construction themed, Danya started this cone hat trend at our Mom's Club meeting this week.  Yep she's creative alright!
UPDATED to add measurements and show progress:

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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