Friday, April 16, 2010

Mom's Club

I've mentioned Mom's Club now several times, I thought perhaps I should explain what it is. Mom's club is an international organization. It is not MOPS. This is different. Rather than being a once or twice a month meeting, it's a group of moms who come together, form a board and have certain activites through out the week. It's stay home mom's or part time moms who join together and share creative juices and socialize our kiddos a bit. Like this week there was an event every day of the week. We choose to RSVP to 3 of them this week actually, and Danya's behavior has been so much better for it. It also is a great way to go do things with your kids knowing that any toddler craziness in a group will be more accepted than if you are there alone.
Today we went to the Dole Plantation. It was a misty, in other words not quite raining and not enough to keep locals from doing just about anything, and a bit chilly. It only got up to about 65 today with a stiff wind so it really felt colder. Anyway, we rode on the Pineapple Express, a train that takes you on a tour of pineapple fields, and gives you some of the history of pineapples. Danya did really well. The 2 little boys, also in the 2.5-3, range did well too. Danya and one of the little boys have become really good friends.
After the train ride they have a Koi pond where there is a food dispenser. We put our quarters in and then got to feed the frantic fish. They leapt out of the water onto this cement banking to get at the food and then flopped to get back into the water.
This is Danya and her little friend. One thing I've learned recently is that if I can give Danya a chore or a responsibility it improves her behaviou. Well I kinda gave all 3 kiddos the responsibility of taking care of each other. Danya didn't really mind the rain, but her friend wanted her umbrella so I gave it to him. He followed her with it holding it over her head. All I could see was the scene in Anna and the King where a servant was doing that for the king. It made me giggle and then say awww.Then after some snacks and a little bit of running on a covered patio it was time to head home. I told the kiddos to help eachother get to the cars by holding hands. Off they went, with a little direction giving by the mommies, the 3 of them held hands and walked very nicely to the parking lot.
There was a minor melt down at the parking lot split. Danya really didn't want to let her friends go. She thought they were going somewhere else together. For the first 10 min of the drive home she kept asking if her friends were coming too. Shared adventures are way more fun!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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