Monday, April 26, 2010

March For Babies

Success! We did it! Our team looked bigger on paper, but because one member of our team, and her family by default, work for the March of Dimes they had a job to do, like taking this great photo of the rest of us, and the last one of me for the day. Technically this was before the walk even started, but parking was insane and we had already walked a mile from the car just to get to the park.
Off we went, choosing to do the long walk through Waikiki instead of the short kids walk of .2 miles we walked the entire length of Waikiki hotels from Kapi'olani park to Ala Moana, and back. I'm not sure the tourists knew what hit them when this wall of people came at them. Here we are waiting for a traffic light.
Yes that's our new bike trailer as a stroller. It's amazing to push and has lots of storage room. At this point Danya was still really into riding, although later after we turned around she insisted on walking, but because I made her hold my hand, she prefered being carried so back in a stroller she went, although not her own. She and her friend Joseph got to ride together. The little one was sleeping in a backpack.

We did it! After the walk we all got to the park and it was time to wait in the hour long line for the freebies. Boring if you are a toddler. Okay boring if you are an adult too.
So the toddlers got out and we went exploring. It's amazing how having 2 together actually helps the ears listen. They really did well listening and staying out of the water and going together to check things out.
There was no fish or anything in this man made pond, but they really liked looking in it.
I tried to get a fun posy picture of the 2 of them together, yep didn't work.
We'll stick with the exploring toddler cuteness.
This is what we call toddler torture. You can't see it in the photo but trust me the kids could see it. At the end of the freebie line were 3 bounce houses. Both of them kept reminding me that the bouncy houses were there. Like I would forget if they didnt' remind me every 2 minutes. Eventually the we got to the part in the line to do freebie trick or treating.
Then it was time for BOUNCY HOUSE!
After lunch it was time again to walk back to the cars, this time our mile was straight up hill, so tired, sweaty, and a bit crabby we headed up the hill. March for babies wasn't the only event on Saturday and it made getting out of town a bit nuts. There was a surf competition, a bike riding group going on a major ride, an art festival and sale, a benefit concert and there were people headed into town for the big event of the evening SPAM JAM. IT was a busy day in Waikiki!
We were expecting lots of teeny sample packs and such, maybe some chips or something, this is the contents of all 3 of our bags. I carried all 3 bags through the line, and I'm telling you after the 3rd can of soda in each bag my arms were killing me! There were Hawaiian sun drinks, Energy drinks, relaxing natural soda, sunkist, Coffee sample packs, school kine cookies, sunscreen, Fruit roll ups, enjoy snacks, almonds, hot cocoa, popcorn, crackers, pudding cups, Water, etc. Crazy!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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