Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moms Club

So I joined a new group of Moms, called Moms club. It's a big organization, but the local group is lots of fun. Some of my MOPS moms belong to it too. We went to a park that we can't normally go to on Friday for a Lunch in the Park adventure. It's a park that is only open to residents of that subdivision with a key. Danya never really ate lunch though. She couldn't be convinced to stop playing long enough.

I took this picture for my cousin Aaron. It's the only one I got of her on the climbing wall, She actually climbed the whole thing, but as I had to help her find the foot holds some times I couldn't really take a photo. I thought she was gonna climb it again so I could get a photo, but really she was getting tired and just leaning on it.

Getting ready to slide down the tornado slide.

A periscope, This was a really popular item and so this was one of the few moments she actually got to look through it.

It was a really fun morning, but the best fact of all was that this was the first time we have tried playing outside of the house in big girl underwear. We've gone to the store a couple times, and gone on our evening walks in big girl underwear, but never a play date. She did amazing! Even though I had 3 extra outfits with she never needed them. I'm sure if I had no extras I would have needed them as it is just the way life goes some days, but not last Friday. She didn't always come and tell me she needed to make shi shi, but she would start walking to the bathroom. Since it was close I would notice and follow her and she made shi shi every time. I gotta tell you I am soo proud of her. Before we headed to the park, she actually told me and then went to the potty to make Doo Doo too! It's been an amazing couple of days for potty training, and I feel like we are turning the corner to all day in underwear! Soo excited. Infact tonight we were down talking to one of our neighbors, 3 houses down, and she said "shi shi potty" so with a quick goodbye to our neighbor we made it all the way home and to the potty! Yep too much information for some, but I am soo excited for her I just can't keep it in. I'm fairly bursting with pride.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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