Monday, April 5, 2010

Catching Up

It's been one of those weeks. There was always something to get done for our Church Egg hunt this Sunday, which was a success. More about that later, in the mean time here is dress up and 2 egg hunts.

This has become Danya's favorite item to dress up in. She loves talking to and admiring herself in the mirror. If she's like this in Jr. High we will never get her to school on time. There are about 14 photos total of this cuteness, but I just choose 2 for your viewing pleasure.

Mom's Club
So we've joined Mom's club and one of our first big group activities is the Easter party and egg hunt. Danya had a great time. She is the welcoming committee of what ever group we belong to. Everytime someone new came in to the park she would either wave or hug them, that is until she got to the climber, and then it was only occasionally. She didn't want to leave, but when I caught her laying down on the climber and closing her eyes, well then it was time to go home for nap.

I got a picture of our little monkey climbing the rock wall this time.
Community Association
Danya's Easter outfit. The hat wasn't originally planned for this outfit, Auntie and Uncle got her a great head band, but Danya said "NO! Hat!" so she wore a hat. Naturally though it didn't stay on once we got to the Egg Hunt because of the wind.

We got a chance to support the local Project Grad by playing some games. Daddy helped Danya learn how to golf. Okay so she cheated, and really just wanted to throw the balls but it was still fun.

Danya spotted swings, which we all know she loves, and this one spins which makes it even better. At first she was content watching. Then after I was convinced that the man running the ride kept a close eye on the younger riders before she got a chance to try it though she spotted the carosel. Off she went to ride that because there was no line.
Then it was back to the swings.

Then back to the carosel.
Then back to the swings.
We did the back and forth several more times before it was time to go.
Danya really didn't want to leave the carnival! Check out the attempt to smile through tears. I thought carrying her in her favorite new way would ease the departure tantrum. Yep I was wrong. As long as the rides were still moving she would have stayed.


shana said...

anna and danya could be twins . . . we have that same pink floral dress!

Laura and Danya said...

It's not the first time either. These two ladies just like the same stuff. ;) Okay perhaps it's those who love them.

Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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