Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Santa Lucia Day

You may remember last year I wrote about the different Traditions we wanted to celebrate with Danya. Well one of them was the Celebration of Saint Lucy Day. Refresher: Saint Lucy lived during the time of the persecution of Christians in Rome. She was from a wealthy family and used her wealth to provide for the Christians who were hiding in the catacombs and other places. She often carried so much food and supplies that she didn't have hands enough to hold the candle to light her way. Being an industrious woman she made a wreath and put candles on it so they would fit on her head. A wealthy man decided she was the one to marry and she turned him down, he was against the Christians and hated her activities. So since she was wealthy enough she just turned him down. He, however, was vindictive and turned her in for her support of the Christians. They were going to kill her, he gave her one final chance to turn to him, she refused again and he gouged out her eyes before starting the fire to burn her. I think it is an awesome story about faith and giving. Kind of a depressing ending, but would we have any record of her faith if it wasn't? Now that she is a toddler there are many things that she is more oppinionated about. One is what she wears. There was a small fit when it came to putting on this dress, but she soon realized that it meant donuts and got over her objections.

Here she is bringing the plate of doughnuts to Daddy.

Then she is "giving" one to Daddy, just as soon as she held her hand out for Daddy she pulled it back and started eating it.

So Daddy and Danya ate together. Which worked really well until Daddy decided he wanted another donut. For some reason she felt that she had to have 3 cookies on her tray. Big tantrum. She got over it pretty quick though when I showed her that if she wanted to throw a tantrum she would have none.

Silly Face!


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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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