Monday, December 14, 2009

Crafty Momma

Okay so most of the Christmas gifts I have made I can't share, at least not yet, but one crafty project I can show off a little bit. Like I said before Danya has been really into Thomas the Train lately. She has this set that we got with her birthday money, but for Christmas she is getting even more so we needed a bigger space than this left over piece of wood.
Buying a train table was out of the question too much money and not enough space, so I went out to the spare wood in our garage and found a larger one.
And Danya and I spent one afternoon sanding it so it has rounded edges, and then with the help of Google I drew out the island of Sodor, Thomas' home.
Painted it, sealed it, and voila!
Because it doesn't really wrap well, we've already started playing with it. I think she approves.
It still spends a lot of the time resting on the chair like the small board, but when it's time to play it fits perfectly on our coffee table. The whole thing cost me $4 for the sealer and some white paint. The rest we had around from previous projects. Sorry, but I just had to brag a little.


Brianne said...

Such a great idea!! My son is very very obsessed with Thomas!!And those train tables are expensive!!

Brianne said...

Oooh and thanks for joining the blog hop!!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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