Friday, November 20, 2009

Project Runway....

Let's take a step into Mommy's world for a little bit. As most of you know sewing is my therapy. I love it. Now that I have a dress form I can finally create clothing for myself and others with more accuracy. I've been watching the TV show Project runway since the second season, but watched the reruns of season one once I was hooked. I love watching them create fashion from not much. I've not ever been thrilled by the attitude of the designers when they have to do a plus sized challenge though. Why is it that they commit to size-ism so easily? Especially when they are not the ideal body type either. I'm not thrilled with the outcome of yesterday's finale show. I thought it looked like Irina, who said she was celebrating New York was really celebrating street walkers in New York. The original concept behind project runway was that it was real fashion for real women. I'm a real woman. I am size 18 and don't want to be in a gunny sack! So here is my challenge to project runway, in this my second attempt to blog to change the world, I think that the designers now half expect a 13th look challenge. So why not keep it that it is one more look for their collection but it must be a plus sized interpretation of thier collection. A good fashion designer can take the fundamentals of their design and make it flattering and fashionable to plus sized women. The plus sized challenge early on always weeds out those who just can't see a woman's body and is so used to the toothpick patterns they can't move beyond it. So in a way I think that is good but why not see if a designer is truely worth his or her weight in gold by seeing if they can really accomplish something bigger than a toothpick on a budget that is still in their vision. If they can't see their clothes bigger they certainly don't ever want to sell anything.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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