Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Did you hear Mommy has written 300 posts?

I was getting ready to post something completely different when I noticed that the number of posts counter said 299. So this is my 300th post. Either I over share or we have a more exciting life then I realized. That's 300 posts in 2 years meaning on average I post once every 2.5 days. I hope everyone is enjoying keeping up with us online. In honor of the 300th post, because that seems like it should be a big deal since it is a nice round number after all, I'm gonna give a prize to the person who can answer all these questions. Not sure what it will be yet but rest assured it will be something home made, although if you talk nice I may throw in some special Hawaiian goodies.
1. When did Danya say Dada for the first time?
2. How many sleepers etc did we collect this year for the NICU?
3. Who was Danya for Halloween last year?
4. There is one toy that Danya has had her photo taken with since her first day home from the hospital. What is it? and who gave it to her?
5. Bonus for those of you who've been reading since our babywindow.com days... Why on earth is it called Baby Slushie?

Now on to our park adventure...

Because Danya is growing so fast, and the small climbing toys we have at the house are just no longer challenging her, we have been going to our local park a lot. We've had lots of chances to play with some of the kids in the early intervention program at the school too. The teachers for the program all love to see Danya because they have all boys in the class and in her pink she makes a nice change. Danya has gotten very brave and even climbed the ladders. We've also met some other friends who are just there like us to play. When I selected the photos for the blog I did have to edit them for content. I know some of you have kids who like to see us too, and trust me that is the one really bad thing about this park. The language that is covering the climbing structure and especially the slides is not so good, in fact it's horrible. It doesn't stop us from having a lot of fun there though.I took a look back at some of my earliest posts on the blog and I'm just amazed at how fast she has grown. When we began this blog she had only one first cousin and soon she will be welcoming 3 more. Mommy was in the process of treating her Cancer, now she's Cancer FREE! Daddy was just starting his Doctorate, now he's writing his last paper (it's huge though so it's kind of a long process on that, but he doesn't have to go to classes anymore!).
This is the first photo I posted on this blog.
This is her most recent photo taken just this morning...
Yep, she's one in a million, and so are you! Thank you for reading all my ramblings and loving us soo much.


J&M said...

1. ??? Man! The only one I do not know!
2. 161 items Total
3. Abby Cadaby
4. Frog Stuffed Animal from Uncle Hung (And I will one up ya and say where he got it to make up for my missed point on #1 - He won it for her at the MN state Fair)
5. I think the slushie came from... Let's see... It was Fire and ICe for the wedding and it think you stated What does fire and Ice make - Slushie? Right... It is something like that.

*** Here is my competetive side - I am also the first so i think extra points are needed here!
Congrats on 300! We love keeping up with your blog!

J&M said...

Mother's Day 9/11/08. _ Answer to Question #1.
Yes! (Self High five!)

Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
These photos are from roughly the same age for each of us.