Sunday, November 29, 2009

Momma's little helper?

I love that Danya loves to be a part of the things I am doing, however sometimes it's not as helpful as she thinks it is. She really likes to sweep and mop. Usually she "mops" with a dry mop and I don't usually mop the floor when she is awake because our tile is soo slippery when wet, but the other morning I just couldn't handle the sticky floor, due to a juice spill earlier in the day. So I decided to mop. I got her busy in her room and then quickly brought the mop in the house. I set the mop down to move the chairs and when I turned around she was busy keenin'. I had 2 choices do battle with her to get the mop back or film her cuteness. I decided to film it and clean up the mess later, because it was just soo cute.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
These photos are from roughly the same age for each of us.