Saturday, October 3, 2009

Park Envy

You've heard me complain about the city parks over here before, well we went to Schofield to visit some friends from MOPS this week. I had an amazing time getting to know the other Mom a little better, but also I just enjoyed watching Danya interact with other kids her age and playing and exploring on this amazing neighborhood park.
Compared to the play structures we have at the city parks, this thing is ginormous, no graffiti and just inviting everyone to enjoy the day. And they have the one above that is for toddlers! Imagine that! Somewhere for kids under 5 to play! Amazing! (okay so the sarcasm is a little thick right there.)
There are tunnels and slides and bridges, stairs and ladders, and wheels. It was an adventure and a half. At first Danya was rather timid on the exploring but one of the older boys came up to her and gently asked if she wanted help climbing, and he showed her how to climb up to the big slides. He's only 6! I congratulate his parents on raising a man of compassion and caring. Okay so he is only 6 but I know men who wouldn't automatically see that someone is a little scared and go encourage them.
The other family has a little girl who is about 6-8 months older than Danya. By the time we left the park the 2 girls held hands and walked back to their house. Danya is fairly new at these playing with others skills but she is learning fast.
So I have park envy. I was giving our parks the benefit of the doubt saying that maybe they couldn't get the variety of park parts shipped here, but now I know that the person who choose our park structures has zero imagination. I would always think of how each park in St. Paul had a theme or a specific style to it's park and have park envy for MN, giving HI a lot of slack. Now not so much. I have park envy. So we will be returning. We are hoping to set up a picnic and play date soon. We can't wait!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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