Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Swim Diapers

So if you read my not me Monday post you know that we had been using lil swimmers which will quickly send you to the poor house when you go swimming in public pools and the ocean as much as we do lately. So I pulled out the cloth swim diapers we were given when Danya was younger and decided that I could make one. I wish I had easy access to PUL fabric (it's polyurethane lined fabric to make it water proof. You can only buy it online, usually through cloth diapering sites for those who make their own diaper covers) but after much reading online and some comparison shopping I just used a polyester fabric that will allow less seepage than cotton and a terry liner, and I made my first swim diaper. I had a little fabric left so I also made a little hat. It's floppy and fun. She really likes it and wears it around the house, but out in the trade winds it flies right off. For the next one I bought some light weight vinyl to put between the cute layer and the terry cloth. If that works I might make some to use as training pant covers too because that hot sticky plastic pant on your arm as you carry her is just over the top hot. This one has been waterpark tested and worked great (there were no doo doo accidents to really do a test on it but that is fine with me. That's a mess I don't need). I've been really into sewing lately it is my therapy. It's what I do for me time. I usually end up making something for Danya but that's okay. It's the creation that really makes me excited.
I shared on my facebook account that someday I want to custom design a wedding dress for someone. It's not about the originality as much as making someone feel perfect in a dress designed for their body. You would be amazed how much you can get done during nap if you really try. Tomorrow is another sewing day for me. We are planning another waterpark day soon so I want to have a spare swim diaper just in case.
(note the doll she is playing with in the first photo is one of the previously mentioned dolls, like I said she plays with them constantly)

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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