Monday, October 20, 2014

No way to catch up

Its official there is no way I can catch up for the past year. So we'll just go forward from here and over the next year I will post flash backs.

So let's recap September, September is always a busy month for me as it is the costume season. I've been swamped, and the worst part is that I've had back pain in the extreme since having Judah. Oh yeah, Judah. For those of you who aren't a part of every day. In August we welcomed Judah Keahilani. 

The girls have been very excited to have a baby brother. Even Katriel has been very helpful. She is like my baby alarm. Judah has a very soft cry even now and she will run to me and let me know if he wakes up or is crying. 
I decided I wanted to put pictures of the kids together at different ages. I'll keep doing it over time, but here are the first 2.
Family picture taken right before Grammie and Grandpa left.
Babies grow so fast, but so do the big girls. Let's start with Danya first: she is now in 2nd grade, and not so sure she loves it. 2nd grade begins a new level of difficulty and stern teachers. Her conference is next week so we will find out how she is really doing, she is a bit of a perfectionist, so at times I am super frustrated as we do homework, but she is getting better at handling her emotions. Danya did so well at her spring recital daddy declared if she wants to she could take ballet too. She said yes, and has been enjoying it she even got a dancer of the day just a couple weeks in.

Danya and her girlscout friends have been learning to sew so that they can fill these bedside organizers with fun stuff for kids who are stuck in the hospital. 
Now for miss Kat. She is our free spirited girl with an extreme like of shoes. She has to wear shoes at all times and they often don't match. If you see marker on the wall, she put it there. If you see toys all over the floor, that's her. She tends to dump buckets of toys especially if she is mad at us for something.
Notice the two different shoes: 
Then there is Mr. Judah, he's a sweet baby who is quite calm most days. He does struggle with reflux most of the day, which means a ton more laundry for me. It's no fun to be covered with puke most of the day,
John has been busy too. With his office being short on staff he has Ben working lots of overtime, which is nice on the wallet, but some days Danya complains she doesn't see daddy enough, but John and Danya take Saturdays and Sunday afternoons to do all kinds of fun and creative stuff together.

Big change for me, I cut off all of my pregnancy hair to donate for kids who are undergoing chemo treatment. 

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
These photos are from roughly the same age for each of us.