Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Long time no post

As months pass with no posts on the blog I get overwhelmed by the amount of stories and things I need to share. I am sorry I have fallen so far behind. So this post should take you from last day of school to the first day back.

Danya's school didn't have an all kindergarten graduation but her teacher put on a little program and gave them all diplomas.

They colored their own hats.

I tested some dress patterns for a friend. The girls looked adorable.

As usual I watched some extra kids this summer. One day I had several extras and Danya and Kat had a dr appointment. 2 came with their own iPads, and Danya was using mine. Ryan was enjoying the leap pad.

Many of you know we are planting a church. Every Sunday morning after everything is all set up Danya is my mic tester. She does the sound check. This particular morning she had written her own song about God.

Katriel is quite adventurous with food. One morning I gave her a spoonful of my Rice Krispies. Notice how she is grabbing the spoon, pulling it back to reload was a problem.

We met our Girl Scout friends at the beach one night in July for a picnic.

One morning I set Kat down on the floor to play while I got something or did something. She never cried or fussed, but I noticed when I came back that she had quite a few ant bites on her legs. Within a few short hours the bites blistered and burst.

It took nearly 2 weeks before. They healed up. Dr. Says allergic to ants.

During June I shut down my etsy shop so that I could make some more prototypes of costumes for the coming Halloween season. STitch became the newest member to the Mommaloha family.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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