Friday, January 25, 2013

Kat's ER adventure

Technically mommy's first Er adventure with kids too. As school got out for Christmas break Danya came down with a nasty cold. She was miserable, but not so miserable that she would leave her sister be. In fact no matter how many times we scolded she just would not stop touching her sister. "Oops I forgot" became a mantra around here. We tried all kinds of different punishments, but when her love language is physical touch she just couldn't stop herself. Anyway, that meant that Katriel came down with it too. We were in the drs office nearly every day. The answer was always the same, wait it out. On the morning of December 20th we had people coming to the house to bless a family who we adopted for Christmas. I decided to put Katriel in the sling and let her be close and snugly while I talked. She did pretty well and Barely coughed. Once envy one left my best friend and I started getting food for our big kids. We noticed that Katriel was ally struggling to breathe. We called the dr who advised that we go straight to the ER. After finding another friend to take Danya, calling John,and getting Lola to drive us, we headed to the ER. Once there they did a bunch of tests and discovered that she had pneumonia. So after a breathing treatment, which is a miracle worker, we went home.

Katriel still needs the nebulizer occasionally for breathing issues, but over all she is doing very well. She loves the nebulizer and some how seems to know that it helps her feel better. She calms down pretty quick after placing the mask on her face.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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