Friday, December 28, 2012

Cousins Came to Visit!

Please bear with me as I try to catch up....
As you know Katriel was 6 days late in her arrival time. Because of that Gammie and Grandpa Gustafson with Auntie Em, Brianna, and Carl arrived the same day that we came home from the Hospital. It made for a busy but fun homecoming. I don't have all the photos from our adventures while they were here but here are some, maybe I'll add others later.
Each year my sisters have themed the kids for Halloween, and since I live so far away I've never participated, but because I was helping my sister with her kids' costumes I thought Iwould join the fun this year. As you can see we are Peter Pan characters. Danya is Wendy Moira Angela Darling and. Katriel is Princess Tiger Lily.  Carl is the. Crocodile and Brianna is Tinkerbell of course.

The crocodile didn't want to stay in the photo so pay no attention to the mom behind the croc. 

The Tinkerbell and Wendy feud. So funny cause they really had soo much fun together, but you have to take the photo just because. hehe.
Every time my Mom, Danya and I are in the same location we try to do a 3 generation photo. By this point I was one frazzled Momma, but we got it! kinda.

Then we had to try and get a picture of the 3 grand daughters all in one location.

 Shh don't tell, but one day while Danya was at school we loaded up the rental Mini Van and headed up to the Dole Plantation to ride the Pineapple Express. My favorite person in this photo is Miss Brianna with that Pineapple. Soo adorable.
 Gammie got to have lots of great snuggles with Katriel. The straight out of the hospital newborn kind of snuggles. Looking back I realize just how skin and bones she was at this point. Yikes!
 Another couple photos from the costume picture time. An adorable one of Danya and Kat.
 Gammie and Grandpa and the girls.
 Just my little Tiger Lily.
 Wendy with attitude.
She can fly!

 The last night they were at the house Mom and Eme went on an errand. The girls decided to play in Danya's room. They played and then when I set Katriel down in Danya's boppy pillow to give my arms a break they both climbed up in there with her.
 Brianna and Carl's first trip to the beach, yes these are waaaay out of order, but when trying to squeeze in tons of stuff that happens.

 My Dad doing on of the things he is known for, captureing the action on "film" I love this photo of him as it is a photo of him doing something he loves.
 We were at the beach and Katriel just wanted to snooze of course since she was soo little.
Story time with Gammie

 Another beach day, we actually went in the evening for a picnic. Since it was still warm out I put her in her teeny swimsuit for a few photos.
 Brianna and Danya's silouettes as they played in the sand.

The first of what will most likely be many photos of Katriel with her fist in her mouth, I think I may have a thumb sucker.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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