Saturday, July 21, 2012

School Begins!

Yes, Hawaii has a funny school schedule, but not as funny as it seems by our first day of Kindergarten being July 2nd. See we signed Danya up for a Kindergarten Readiness program. It cost us a little cash, but has proven to be well worth it. Danya has enjoyed it soo much. SO here is a recap of Pre-Kindergarten class.

On the first day of School she was up and ready at 6 am. School doesn't start until 8! It was a LOOOOONG morning for Momma as I said over and over that school didn't start yet. We decided since it's only a 6 block walk to walk to school. We'll have to once Baby is born anyway since we'll be walking a couple of the neighbor boys to school too, and there just isn't enough room in the car. So it's good to get into practice.
 Here she is posing for her First first day of school picture.
 Once we got to school she met up with her good friend whose grandma lives accross the street, Avalon. They posed even sillier for the first day of school obligitory photo.
 Here she is confident and ready to head off. They are lined up alphabetically and she is number 25 of 26 kids, well except for the little boy at the end who was late.
A little out of order but this is us walking up to school that first day.
 At the end of the day they all lined up under the sign and then matched the kids with the right parents. Danya waited patiently for her turn.
 Another morning she decided it was cold so she wore her sweatshirt as we walked.
 As school went on they were allowed to walk in any order to the classroom as long as they walked in line. Danya wanted to be first but never quite made it since she always loved to get that last hug before heading off to class.
 On the last day of school, yesterday, the parents had a workshop telling us how to help our kids succeed in Kindergarten. They even got a progress report. She did really well with her behavior the whole 3 weeks of class always getting green (meaning she met all the expectations of being Respectful, Responsible, Honest, and Caring.)
 One of their friends even gave them candy lei for the final day of class. And they got certificates of completion.
 Model pose Danya showing off her award.
Still best friends. Avalon and Danya.

Danya's progress report says "Danya is a happy and cooperative child that takes an active part in all our activities. She is able to make personal connections with the stories, and is able to express her ideas. I enjoyed having Danya in class. "

Now we have to finish picking up her super charged list of school supplies so that she is ready for the real first day in a week and a half. A big thanks to my mom in Minnesota for helping pick up stuff for her list, cause they were soo much cheeper there. Danya is so looking forward to learning to read so that she can read to her baby sister.

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