Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday Parties and Fashion Girl!

Last weekend we celebrated with our Hanai family. Tutu May (or grandma May) turned 80 years old and had quite the celebration. Lola, or Mak is our neighbor and we have become Hanai family over the past couple of years, spending many holidays and special days with the family. Danya loves both Lola and Tutu May.
 She was so darn cute at the party, which is easy to do when there are so many great grandma types in the room to faun over you. She's still fitting her Easter dress, which I wasn't sure would happen at the rate she is stretching out, but she still got plenty of compliments on her dress. I was behind the camera most of the day since we couldn't afford a big gift but I knew they wanted someone to take photos, so naturally it worked out great.
 What I didn't know until I was editing the photos from all the cameras was that Trey, the oldest of the Hanai cousins, caught a picture of the Baby Bump finally making it's appearance. Um... I kinda wish it was a better picture of me, and I wasn't doing who know's what with my nose, but there it is, baby bump in all it's glory. 

For the record this is my belly at 30 weeks. Just 10 more weeks to go. It takes me soo long to pop out, but as you can see it finally happened. You will also notice the mega ankles, which John says look quite small compared to how bad they can get. I am forced to endure compression socks and I have the ugliest vericose veins looking like a massive bruise around one ankle.  The Dr recomends a lot more time with my feet up, and even more water. Most days I feel like I will float away, and keeping your feet up and taking care of 1-4 other kids depending on the day can be a bit of a challenge, not to mention trying to get any sewing done. And since it really doesn't do much good, I have swollen ankles even on days I put my feet up, I just go on with life and sleep with my feet elevated.  Down side to that is that my kidneys then work overtime and I don't get much sleep as I pace back and forth to the bathroom all night. Oh well it's all part of the fun.
 Last Sunday Danya came to me and said that her Super Hero name was "Fashion Girl!" then this past Sunday she emerged from her room in full Fashion Girl costume. One of the benefits of having Church in our home with a small congregation is that Fashion Girl is more than welcome to praise God with us.
Yep her eyes are nearly closed here, but the good photo for whatever reason got corrupted as I transfered it to the computer. Argh. Oh well for your viewing pleasure I present Fashion Girl!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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