Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This has been one of those winters in Minnesota, where they have not put the obligitory snow in the middle of the state name temporarily because, well, it hasn't snowed. (Often times you hear people jokingly refer to it as MinneSNOWta) For weeks before we left Danya would call grandpa nearly every other day to ask if it snowed yet. The answer was usually no. About a week before we went there was a slight snow fall and as a result the parking area for the condos accross the street from Grammy and Grandpa's house had some crusty snow. While Momma shivered, Danya and Casen had a blast tromping through the snow, and breaking off crusty parts to throw on the ground.

 Then one evening there was snow in the forcast. No one mentioned that it was coming to Danya just in case it didn't happen. Well we put her down in her bed, and read her a bed time story came back up stairs and voila snow was falling. SO Gammy went down and got her up and put a coat on and out in the new falling snow they went. Nightgown, winter coat, Gammy's big fluffy socks and crocs.

Danya's response to the fact that it was snowing..." I prayed to Jesus and He said Yes. Yay! God! You DID IT!" (she's told us this several times lately but more on that another day)
 The next morning it was cloudy but the snow was perfect for playing in. There was about 4 inches on the ground and it was the perfect wet shapable snow.  She ran all over the yard, playing and having an amazing time.
 Then Momma got into the action and started the snow man balls.
 Danya helped roll up the top 2 levels of the snow man.
 And we put the head on together. It's tricky work making a snow man.
 Then he needed a face, well since we had, had the Danya's gift open house the day before we had a bunch of vegi's left over. So we used Broccholi for eyes, and baby carrots for the nose and mouth.
 As you can see she was very proud of her snowman. The bad news is it got to nearly 40 that day so he started to melt all over the place, but really the death of the snowman was a squirrel. He jumped on the face and stole the vegis and the whole thing fell over as he jumped off the snow man.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
These photos are from roughly the same age for each of us.