Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cousin Bob

Cousin Bob is my Dad's cousin. It seems like we've known him forever, but really as we sat down and thought about it, Dad and Bob really started to rekindle their childhood friendship as little as 20 years ago. Making me well into my teen years. Cousin Bob lives "Up Nort", and at times his speech reminds me strongly of Red Green (from the Red Green Show) and most times he's about that funny although not as absentminded as Red Green.
 He was "down in the cities" one day and was staying at the house with us. Danya was being all shy and such, but then Bob did a trick where his napkin jumped out of his hand and just wouldn't stay in his hand. This really broke the ice and when Danya was excused she came right back to Cousin Bob and said "excuse me Uncle, do you wanna play with me?" Well who could turn that down especially when it's accompanied by batting lashes and a BIG grin.
Bob didn't even hesitate. Even though the adults were enjoying nice conversation he responded "well Sure!" and climbed right down on the floor with her. And there they played for about 20 minutes with a little people castle we had found at a thrift store that day. He was the King, because he is a boy, and she was the princess, because she is a girl. (Cute story, because we found the castle at a thrift store we didn't actually have the king or princess pieces. Well at Christmas time we sing, "We three KINGS" right, well smarty pants Danya went and found the 3 wise men and they quickly became the kings of the castle for the duration of our stay and Mary, became the princess because she is wearing a dress. Sooo smart) Thanks Cousin Bob for the Memories.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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