Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chuck E Cheese for Breakfast?!

Every year we head to Chuck E Cheese by 7:30 in the morning to go to a costume contest and trick or treating event. The contest is super low key as you just walk through the line and they judge you and you move on to play with all the games at Chuck E Cheese.
Danya was a character outside, talking to everyone, showing off her costume and everything. I even managed to hand out my last 2 business cards. I ordered more but they hadn't arrived yet.
Lots of people asked about her dress and if it was home made, but we were the first ones through the line as everyone else was taking their time adjusting costumes before getting them judged.  Being first has it's disadvantages, since they don't want to rate you too high, but being later means a longer wait. Oh well.
Danya had a blast spending all her hard earned quarters.

I think she looks like such a proper lady riding this horse.

Yep Fancy Nancy even went with us, and for those of you who didn't see her ultra fancy Witch hat prior, check that out!

Then we still had time to kill, as the crowd this year was ginormous. They were still thick in the line at the time prizes were to be given out. SO Hot Dog for breakfast.

See that's the line at 9:30. Once they hurried people through the line they announced the prizes. We had no hope of winning against the families with babies though. The winning Parent and Child was a 2 month old dressed as a Sushi roll and the parents were dressed as Wasabi sauce, and Shoyu. Second prize went to a 6 month old dressed as a golfer in a stroller decked out to look like a minniature golf cart. We just can't compete against that kind of cuteness. Oh well.

Then it was on to the trick or treating.

Danya was soo happy as we went around. She kept saying " I won, I win, I win" every time she got candy.

Did I mention it was a big crowd? Oh and it rained as we walked around too. Thank goodness for witch hats. There were so many of us that even though we were about half way through the line some of the stops ran out of treat bags. Didn't matter though because she still came home with quite a haul. Thankfully since we have been changing her diet, she wasn't a glutton today, infact she easily accepted the fact that she could have one after nap and that was it for the day. I'm kind of proud of her for that. At this rate our Halloween candy will last until next year and we haven't even really trick or treated yet.

When we got back to the car a wardrobe change was in order. Her shoes were soaked ( and for once she wasn't wearing crocs so this was a problem.) And her dress had absorbed water all the way to the hips. And if you've ever been in wet satin you know this is not much fun.

So it was Wonderwoman who accompanied me home. There were quite a few Wonder Women at the party, and Danya learned her costume is not complete. She now wants a utility belt to hold her golden rope.  Like I said before there are some perks to having a mom who sews.

Then in one of thos ironic twists that always seem to make us groan, guess what came in the mail today. Yep, my business cards. I guess we are carrying a huge pile as we trick or treat on Monday.  Oh and if you've never wandered over to Little Lizard King's blog to see the patterns she makes, I want to point you in that direction, as she mentioned me today.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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