Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Party...

with friends!
Mommy made an awesome Strawberry Shortcake house cake! Auntie Brannon made the amazing frosting.

Berry Happy Birthday!

 Waiting for her first guests to arrive she was all dressed up and waiting. Thankfully even though naps have been rather sporatic she took a nice long nap today so that I could get things done.
Yes Danya's hair is PINK! We bought some special spray in hair color just for her party. It was sparkly too.

I think she looks so grown up here. Very model esk too. Wish I could get this kind of cooperation without a party as the reward.

See playing with friends is a blast!

Eating dinner...

Breaking open a Pinata..

Danya's closest friends. She has tons of friends but most had things going on today.

Singing Happy Birthday.  You will notice the Strawberries in the forground. Danya ate all the frosting off of her cupcake and about 8 strawberries. She was in fruit heaven.

 Opening gifts is hard to wait for but fun to do!
 Handing off her new lego set to Daddy (Aunt Julie the box arrived just in time for the friend party)
Excitement over a new Strawberry Shortcake toy


Oh my it's Dolls for her doll house!
Then it was time for her friends to go home. We had a ton of fun, but now we need to do a toy reorganization I think. To all her friends that came, we love you and hope you had a great time.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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