Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday Party part 1

On the night before Danya's birthday Lola came over with fun balloon flowers that the neighbors put together for Danya and we decorated the dining room and wrapped the gifts. Looks like quite a pile doesn't it? Especially since that is mostly from John and I. But sometimes blessings just land in your lap.  Danya has been asking for the Loving Family Doll house that her friend has for a while now, and when I was at SAVERS one day I found one for $8. It's an $80 doll house. They also had some furniture for 2.99. As we approached her birthday we kept our eyes peeled and found more and more furniture at rock bottom prices.
Thus the mountain of gifts.

When she woke up on her birthday she was amazed at the gifts and decorations. Once Daddy woke up she got to open the gifts. She was a bit peeved when she realized the friends weren't coming over for the party that day, but she soon got over it and opened gifts.

 She was tickled pink at the Fancy Nancy doll from Gammy and Gamfie.

 It's gift-topia play time.

 For a special treat we told her she could choose what we did for lunch. She wanted to go to McDonald's playland of course.

 And naturally Nancy had to come with and be safe.

 That evening she got to blow out the candles on a cupcake.
Then it was a little more playtime after bath before bed.

It was a full and fun day for her. I can't believe she's 4.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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