Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A First Birthday Party

A couple weekends ago now, we were invited by Danya's good friend Maylene and Lola to go to a first birthday party for a relative of theirs. It was an adventure that started with 2 of my dresses. One for each of the girls. I changed the pattern I had a little bit and made them with circle skirts and what fun the girls had twirling.
We were a little early for the party so  we took a few minutes to snap some photos.

 My girls one natural the other just my early morning little miss,
 Modeling her dress.
 Maylene squared (Lola Maylene and Maylene)
With Tutu May.
 They had a few activities for the kids. The Balloon Monsoon guys provided balloon animals and stuff. They are AMAZING!  This was Danya's Butterfly. I'm sure they are expensive but I for sure recommend them. If you follow the link above you will see some amazing examples.
 They also had a face paint lady. Since Maylene had had a reaction the last time she had her face done, the girls got waterproof Hello Kitty necklaces. Again she was amazing at what she did.
 Danya sat so still. The lady kept telling her she could lift her head some, but she was determined not to mess it up in any way.

 See soo excited by her necklace.
 The DJ had music playing and while we were eating. Chop sticks were plentiful and she, being as musically inclined as she is, began drumming away.
 Then there was a magician! The fun just kept comming.
 And then the one thing both girls had been talking about since before we even got in the party. CAKE! notice the cute girls all waiting as the Mommies got the cake ready for cutting.
 Then when they were all pumped up on sugar it was out to the bounce house.
 My Favorite Shot of the whole day!
 Isn't it awesome!

Yep it was a really fun party.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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