Thursday, September 30, 2010

Locate the boy repellent... Danya got asked out on her first date!

Before I begin the cute story, I would just like to mention that repellent is one of those words no one knows how to spell, and you can't trust online dictionaries either like I usually do, they each have a different spelling. SO if you don't like how I spelled it blame wikipedia.

Now on to our story...

There are no photos of this event as we didn't know it was coming but hopefully I'll paint good enough word pictures you will all feel as if you were there. One of Danya's little friends T (name changed to protect the innocent) really likes to play at our house. He is not so thrilled with leaving. Many of Danya's friends have this dilema so it has become our tradition to walk them to their cars. T was very upset about having to leave after scrapbooking club on Monday and so Danya gently took his hand and took him to the front door to get his shoes on. His mom and brother were out there getting thier shoes on already. Once shoes were on, Danya and T walked to the car and touched the side of the car waiting for T's mom to get his little brother A in the car. Then we all migrated around the car to T's side. His mom instructed him to get into his carseat. T then stretched out his hands in his mom and my directions in the old school talk to the hand guesture.
T: "PLEASE! I need to talk to Danya alone for a minute"
The Momma's too stunned to do anything but smirk just stood there chastised and waited.
T: " I have lots of cars at my house, and airplanes too"
Danya: " un huh"
T: bending over an inch or so so that his face is even with Danya's and then taking both of her hands in his "Do you want to come and play at my house?"
Danya: "Ummm" looking up at me "I go to T house and play okay"
Me: "another day okay"
Danya: turning back to T "Maybe tomorrow I go play at your house"
as T starts to climb into his seat, looking very proud of himself and the grownups marvel at the actual conversation that just happened T's little brother A starts yelling from the other side of the car that he needs to talk to Danya too. So I pick Danya up so that she's eye level with A and open his door.
A: "I've got cars and airplanes at my house too and FOOD" (it should be mentioned that his is a good eater and as his mom says his world revolves around food) "so you come to my house"
T: Not to be outdone by his little brother leans foward in his carseat and shouts " I have food too, good food, I've got blueberry muffins and I'll share"
By now the grownups are just about wetting ourselves we have to suppress all the laughter that this kind of conversation naturally evokes.
Me: " Okay, Danya say goodbye and we'll see you later"
Danya: "See you nutter day, bye!"

With that we walk into the house where Danya proceeds to tell me all about the cool things that T and A have at their house. It's one of those moments as a mom where you wish that there was some sort of usb cord you could hook up to your memory banks to share with everyone, here are some photos of our pizza making adventure with T and A about a month ago to ease the no photo post.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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