Sunday, July 11, 2010

What we've been up to

We've been absent fromt he blogosphere for a while because our blog was having some struggles. Don't really know what happened but now it's all fixed. You can still click to our photo site to see extra pictures that don't make it into posts.

We've had a rather relaxed couple of weeks. We haven't done a lot, which is great! We spent the fourth of July celebrating our freedom from school work. That means we've had a lot more uninterupted family time. Danya really enjoyed the sparklers yet again, but she was simply too tired to stay awake for the real fireworks.

She's doing really well with the potty training! Yay! We are in big girl underwears all day! If only we could completely break the NUK habit we would be well on our way to true big girl status. We've tried to cut it down to just sleep times, but that doesn't always go so well.

It's official the Valera's are hard to cook for. In the past few weeks John has been diagnosed with gout. Thankfully it's not as difficult to cook for gout as my food allergy, but it does change how we are eating around here.
On the 5th of July we had a recovery day. Danya ran a slight fever all day and wanted nothing more than to sleep in Momma's arms. Not to bad in the morning when it was cool, but by afternoon I was ready for the non-recalled baby meds to work, and they did! She bounced around like a gummi bear until it wore off. By the next morning she was back up to near normal. I say near because there was enough snot for 3 children the next couple days, sooo glad that's over with.

One of our butterflies emerged yesterday. We said good bye to him and now we're waiting for 2 more that should emerge today. It's so fun to see Danya's wonder at the process.

We've been praying for strategies for making a little extra cash, the baby sitting has been great but summer is almost over. So I decided to try and make a little extra by opening an etsy store to sell all my random crafts and costumes. I've been sewing a lot and really enjoying the challenge. Danya adopted one of the first little outfits I made. I put it on her doll to take a photo of it and she just decided it was supposed to be there and loved on her baby doll all day in it.
\I set to work making her one out of a less saleable fabric and promptly rescued the other one. She now keeps track of her baby and takes her everwhere we go. For those of you who remember the doll she's adopted was lovingly christened "freaky baby" by my cousin and it stuck. Now ofcourse she's just "ma baby". Danya is soo cute taking her places.
Well I guess that just about catches you up.

P.S. if anyone lives near a Lane Bryant and notices that these shorts go on clearance for the fall stuff, PLEASE let me know. I could use about 4 more pair I've lost weight even since buying these in June and so I'd like size 18 and size 16. Naturally you can't buy this kind online. Argh!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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