Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is about the time of year I usually start talking about Danya's Gift for the hospital, but this year we did a second drop off and so we'll be pushing it back a bit this year. That doesn't mean not to keep your eyes peeled. There is always a huge need and it's great to find things on clearance. Our next drop off will be in late January I think, that way there are a couple holidays for after clearance sales between now and then.
Since we are only a couple months from Danya turning 3, it seemed like a good time to send out some ideas. Danya has tons of clothing but if you really want to buy clothing please don't buy any smaller than a 6. Her closet is stuffed to the gills right now.  
As you know Danya's doll house is complete, and it's a little sparse for furniture. I know so many of our family and friends are crafty. And it's always amazing to me what we can do from things we already have laying around our homes. So here is her doll house room by room for inspiration. There are also Barbie furniture that can be bought, so don't feel like we are only looking for home made, or that we are expecting tons of gifts at all.

Master bedroom

Bathroom (thanks Nana Valera for the bathroom set, Danya makes all her dolls make shi shi on the potty all the time :)
the "girly" bedroom
"boy" train room
The Kitchen
The living room

Danya is very into her dollies. It's fun to watch her make them interact. She is a rare almost 3 year old too who is very aware of where the shoes for her dolls are. I allow her to play with one pair at a time and she takes them off and puts them on whatever doll she is playing with at the moment.

Other things she is interested in are Fancy Nancy books, Cars (both the movie toys and just regular cars),  Fun story books ( she pretty much loves them all), Sand toys (especially big trucks),  Thomas trains (take and play variety).

This is a year for tight finances. We understand this better than we ever hoped to. I guess that's why I wanted everyone to know that we are really very simple people and don't need expensive gifts. Danya discovered a new TV show a couple months ago, Wow wow Wubzy. The messages in it are great! There is a line in one of the songs that fits the purpose of this post "you don't need a diamond covered pony, you can just make it out of Maccaroni, It's made by you not from the shelf" and then again it says "it's from the heart" Those of you who read our blog love us, and we love you too!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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