Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dress Saga

A while back Aaron and Mary asked Danya to be their flower girl. We agreed. At the time we agreed Danya was only partially into her trying 2's and so we thought it would be no problem. However we did relay to them the story of our flower girl who got half way down the aisle and then ran back to the beginning. I knew that flower girl dresses could be extremely expensive and so I asked the bride if I could just make it. Long story short, I designed a little dress that was a copy of the brides dress for Danya. I started with the same pattern I've used for my flower girls and Michelle's flowergirl, and then made my own pattern using the sizing. It was a fun challenge.

Naturally we had to make a trial dress so we could see if the pattern worked. So using some leftovers from her halloween costume we put a sample together. Um... trying it on didn't go so well. Now is when I started to get really nervous about the wedding.

(these 2 shots and many more are pictures I don't usually post. They are the ones that I keep to remind me that I survived and that although she is generally a really snuggly little girl she certainly has a temper. )
So when we arrived in Minnesota, my Mom said we should buy a shirt to go under it and perhaps that would work. It did. Danya played in her dress for about a half hour that day. Then we washed, pressed and got it all ready for wedding day.

The original plan included a short nap and a hair appointment, but plans changed. The weather wasn't great and 2 and a half year olds with no nap are bears! So we made a frantic call to the flowershop, who changed the flowers for her hair into a little wreath. As my Mom was helping her get ready, my aunt Melanie walked in and proclaimed Danya a princess. She loooooooved that! Her wreath became her crown.

You can't see it here, but her dress has a little train just like the brides. Danya's dress was the opposite colors of the brides dress. So Mary's dress was white with a red sash.

There is a long wait for flower girls and ring bearers to go down the aisle. The kids were supposed to go down together, but Danya was refusing to go. Then her cousin took off down the aisle and well that was it. She stood up and ran down the aisle after him. The only petals that ended up on the ground were the ones that flittered out as she ran down.

Of course we can't be perfect all day. No she didn't fall. She threw herself on the ground and held her feet up like this until we said she could leave the photo. I can't wait until she's 16 and she sees these photos again. Hehe. This morning we were getting dressed for the day and she selected her "princess" dress. She actually wore it for a little while, until she decided she wanted to wear underwears instead of diapers.

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KC's #1 Fan said...

She was so pretty! I'm glad we tried the dress without the shirt on under; it looks so much better :o)

Nice job Laura!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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