Monday, November 16, 2009

Hiy - Ya!

As you may remember from a while ago, Danya really likes Disney's Mulan. She watches it in parts through out her day. When Daddy was gone to mainland a couple weeks ago I decided we, the girls, needed to watch a girly movie. Well when the other half of the girls is 2 you compromise. We bought ourselved Mulan II, very cute flick about being yourself and learning about compromise, appropriate you think? Anyway at the begining of the movie all the little girls in the villiage sneek up on Mulan "doing her chores" in the field. She is their hero for breaking out of stereotypes and gender roles and getting to experience the outside world so to speak. Anyway as you can imagine Mulan isn't mearly doing her chores she is practicing combat moves. There's the set up for this clip...

Danya loves this part so much she started asking for it again and again. I had to wait until she went to bed to actually see the whole movie. Then the next day she asked for it again, only this time she went into our kitchen drawer and grabbed a spatula to "huh! huh!" Over the past few weeks it has been her reward for making shi shi 3 times in a row with no accidents. We had to find it on Youtube so we weren't tempted to watch more though because now she has seen more of it.

We've now seen it enough that Mommy has it memorized and we sing together and do our Tai Chi, or whatever, together rather frequently through out the day. Because it is so cute here is Danya's version. Oh and the icky sticks we are talking about at the begining are one of those scented oil diffusers in John's office. She just saw sticks and thought those looked more like real sticks.

We have talked about how we have to be gentle since she was little. This video actually helped us with her tendency to hit things when she is mad, because she has to be soft like a cloud. Can we say visual, and auditory learner?

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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