Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Party Prep Fun

I actually just erased the post that I was going to write because I was convicted. I've been really struggling lately with an over whelming urge to complain about everything, and often I think I am complaining in a funny way when really it's just complaining. So instead of giving you the details I'll just ask you to pray for me and all the things that are on my to do list, and then tell you about what Danya has been up to lately. It has been a very busy month. At her 2 year well baby appointment, I think I told you all, they discovered she had impacted ear wax. This didn't immediately make us wonder about her speech but with in a couple days of the irrigation technique it did. In just 36 hours of starting the hydrogen peroxide and water rinse her gibberish volume went waaaay down. She loves to sing and often it was sooo loud. Within 72 hours she was saying a few new, but very useful, words. Two weeks after her appointment we were scheduled to go back for a recheck. One ear is now completely clear and the other was 1/2 way at that point so we continue to rinse until it stops foaming. It has been amazing. Anyone want to skype? I can't wait for you all to hear her talk. My small camera busted and so I can't easily video anymore -- oops complaining sorry.

So on to these cute photos... Danya's birthday party is this weekend. We are in the preparation stage. It is a Cinderella themed party so we set up her castle tent. She had a blast today in and out, zip yell wait for mommy, mommy unzip, and repeat. We've been looking for the perfect "glass" slippers for her costume. They are rather expensive for costume shoes so I was holding off seeing if she got money at her party. However, today we were dropping off some things at savers to clean out the garage for the party, when I thought to check the costume area. Voila! not just one but 2 pair of glass slippers for under $6! One pair is closer to her size and the other, she's wearing here are just for those fun dress up moments. I don't own any high heals so this is as close as she is going to get.

After dinner we have been enjoying the out of doors while we digest. With the tent up Danya had to show Daddy the tent. Mommy thought it would be cool to get the flash lights out and play some. Mommy really liked this idea when she was able to capture these great shots on long shutter speeds. When Daddy gets home I am a bit invisible so it makes for fun camera play time.

There are so many things to be thankful for, and sometimes I can't help but get bogged down by all the overwhelming aspects of life. It seemed like I couldn't do anything right or well. After many days of seeking God and learning new ways to communicate, I know that God is working some new things in my life. It's not always easy, but if we give up and just complain it really just breaks us and makes satan really happy. This past week was MOPS, and the lesson for this week really confirmed what God is doing in my life, and gave me some more ideas on how to best keep all this nastiness from happening again.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
These photos are from roughly the same age for each of us.