Friday, September 25, 2009

Attention Target Execs!

So I've read that Bloggers can change the world. So here is my attempt. Target you now have stores in Hawaii. These stores have special needs. It is not needed to spend all that shipping money to ship winter and fall coats here. Don't waste your time. They'll just be purchased on clearance in the spring, and sold on ebay or whatever. Instead keep a good supply of swimsuits on hand. Especially toddler and kids swimsuits. Last year Danya recieved enough as gifts that I didn't have to plan ahead to have enough for her growth spurts all winter. This year however I forgot that you are all idiots! Target, Walmart, Kmart, Macy's, take your pick you all do it. You could more wisely use your finances by shipping all of the swimsuits that don't sell mainland side to Hawaii instead of putting them on clearance there, and then mark what few you have left in feb when next years styles show up. Tourists always think they are comming to Hawaii so surely the stores will sell swimsuits all year only to find themselves swiming in shirts, shorts, and thier underwear. Honestly, then there is the fan issues. You haven't yet removed them like Walmart does and don't. We don't really need space heaters. Maybe on big island or maui where they have higher elevations but not Oahu. We all just walk past and laugh. Going back to summer stuff, I really shouldn't add this because we loved it and took major advantage of your lack of thinking, but clearancing sand toys simply because the midwest is done with beach season is a bad idea. It seems like we always arrive home from the beach with one less shovel or bucket then we left home with. The need is always there. Hawaii needs are different. Talk to us and find out what we need, instead of adding us to your mass shipping list. If I remember jr hi economics class the rule is supply and demand. Make the supply fit the demand.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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