Sunday, June 14, 2009

"At the Car Wash..."

Okay so it's just our driveway, but that doesn't change anything. Our car was very dirty. I don't think it's been washed in months. By the time Danya's down for a nap I just want to sit for a few moments, and she is soooooo fond of water that the idea of washing the car with her seemed like a lot of work. Plus the cars tend to drive down our street fairly fast. So I got brave the other night after she tried to go help the neighbor was his car. I begged one of our other neighbors to take some photos of our adventure. She laughed because Danya just kept posing. That's my monster I've created. Candids are not very easy anymore.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
These photos are from roughly the same age for each of us.