Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter! Easter Egg Hunt 2!

Well it's almost Friday and I am finally getting to Easter. Danya really liked all the candy the grandmas sent for Easter. So much so she kept climbing up on the table to get it. After snapping this photo I had the honor of listening to quite the tantrum when I took her down and put the candy out of reach. "Canny" thus has become another word for us this week.

Here is everything ready to go to the park. Okay not everything just the eggs and prizes and some of the food. It seems to multiply as you put it in cars. We are sooooooooo grateful to our neighbors who helped us.

Let the hunt begin! It doesn't look like it in these photos but we had about 18 kids thus totaling around 35 total. We were excited with this number. For our first year it was a huge blessing to have that many. Everyone was real excited and went home with a lot of candy. When you split 1500 eggs 18 ways that's a lot of eggs to find per kid. We learned some things and are all ready planning for next year.

After the hunt as we cleaned up Danya got away from us and went running up the ramp that leads to the Elementary school. She didn't make it very far because mommy was right behind her. Then the fun of running down the ramp. Naturally we had to snap a photo as I prayed she wouldn't face plant.

Then it was back to the playground and a pose. She is a little too aware of the camera some days.

Anyway it was an awesome day that I have been recovering from all week. Part of that recovery was storing all of the eggs. We asked everyone if they would be willing to empty the eggs so that we had them for next year and we could go bigger rather than trying to get that many eggs again. Everyone was very willing to not store the eggs and so I spent several hours stacking all of the egg pieces so that they would all fit in one tub. Yikes! That's a lot of eggs.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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