Monday, March 16, 2009

Danya's word count

(this is Danya's version of the "All done" sign)
Okay so as you all heard on the last post Danya's words are not always clear but here is a list of words that she has used consistantly and then how she says them if applicable.
Doggy -- Goggy
Kitty Cat -- Kiddy cat
Hello -- ello
All done -- a'dun
Garbage -- gadage
No -- no
Daddy -- Daddy, dada
Mommy -- moma, mommy (very new word for her)
Glasses -- gases
Tickle -- tickatickatickaticka (she never says it just once)
Cup -- cup
Eyes -- eyesss
Balloon -- gaboon or just ooon when we are being lazy.
Duck -- quack
Monkey -- mondkey
Itsy bitsy Spider -- Itsy itsy spadaaaaa
We had to make a list so that we could actually know how much she really can say. Like I said the other day sometimes it is overwhelming when she won't talk she just whines and grunts. We have made some changes in her world. I don't know if they really make a difference or not but she has said 4 of those words brand new in the last 3 days since making those changes. I read online from a speech pathologist who responded to another thread that sippy cups make kids' tongues lazy and to switch to a cup with a straw instead, so since we already had one she liked to use we thought we would try it, what could it hurt right? Then we also made handing over her NUK her ticket to get out of bed. I feel bad because we used to let her keep it and wake up slowly but sometimes she would hang on to it for a lot longer than I wanted in the morning. So anyway did it really make a difference I don't know. Only time will tell.

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Kjersten said...

Hey Laura, Danya doesn't seem that far behind to me. It seems that Kids between 1 and 2 vary A LOT with their vocab -- Oscar's buddies all did. Oscar I think was speaking fewer words clearly 6 months ago than Danya is now (isn't that their age difference?). I was kinda concerned, but everyone kept assuring me that kids focus on different stuff at a time. They even out soon enough.

I know for a fact that Oscar wasn't suffering from lack of his mommy reading to him... (maybe he suffered from mommy reading too much! LOL). Anyway, he seems to have caught up quite a bit in the last few months, I'm sure Danya will too.

Peace to you.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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